Francisco Góngora

"We will insist on the high quality of our products"

Hortyfruta is running a campaign to promote Spanish fruits and vegetables, and the face of the campaign is the German actress Esther Schweins · The person responsible for the organization fights for the sector to be united.

Francisco Góngora · Presidente de Hortyfruta

"Haremos hincapié en la excelente calidad de nuestros productos"

Hortyfruta emprende una campaña de promoción de las frutas y hortalizas españolas cuya imagen es la actriz alemana Esther Schweins · El máximo responsable de la organización lucha por la unión del sector.

Clara Aguilera · Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries of the Andalusia Government

"In Berlin we will show our excellent and sustainable agriculture"

Aguilera emphasizes the special effort to achieve the presence of 35 Andalusian companies that will be taking part of this Fair, protected by the Andalusian Comittee · She remembers that after this E.Coli Issue, the market did finally trust them: We export 11% over October and November.